Features That You Need To Have In Your Uber Clone App

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With the emergence of ready-made clone scripts, building your own taxi app like Uber has become quite easy. Anyone who wants to start their own taxi booking business can save time and money in Uber clone app development by using the ready-made solution.

However, to assert the success of your Uber clone app you need to have all the advanced features in your Uber clone app.

Importance Of Having Advanced Features In Your Uber Clone Script

One reason you’ll be needing innovative features in an Uber clone app for your on-demand taxi business is the globalization of marketing strategies. Here is why having modern features in your app is so important:

1. The user-friendly Uber clone app is a great way to try out this exciting service.

2. Advanced admin panel will help you run your business remotely.

3. Market-leading companies can innovate and introduce novel solutions to disrupt the market. By introducing an innovative solution that is exclusive to your company/product, you’ll spearhead it as a market leader.

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Key Features To Be Aware Of When Working On Your Uber Clone App Development

On-demand platform providers (OTPs) are able to provide much better customer satisfaction because of how easy it can be for them to manage their business. This includes riders and drivers, as well as the admin!

Rider features:

1. Fare estimation:

Once you have entered the drop-off location, the app will give you an estimate of your ride.

With this, the riders get the opportunity to choose how much they are willing to spend on a ride and show them at the end how much they paid. And after the journey is complete, you’ll get a detailed breakdown of what you paid in your bill.

2. Wallet option:

So you’re familiar with the rider app, but have you heard about its payment feature? The new version allows riders to pay for their ride by tapping their cards to complete the transaction. Plus, if your wallet gets low before a fare comes, top up your wallet with credit card information or debit card information. The app wants you to go cashless; as the world is already headed in the same direction.

3. In-app chatting:

Rider communication with their driver is easy using the in-app chat system. Once the rider makes a booking, they will receive a driver’s ID and number, as well as an icon for a chatbox. They can then easily message the driver directly about issues or questions.

4. Ride scheduling:

Riders can now schedule rides for the future! All you have to do is “Schedule the ride” and input your desired day, time, and pick-up address.

5. SOS assistance:

Rider safety is always an important aspect of any ride-sharing app and Uber does its best to protect the riders. The emergency contact information in their app can be found under ‘safety.’

You’re going to be able to notify your emergency contacts by text automatically when their ride arrives with their vehicle number and where they are now.

6. Stripe 3D secure:

Controlling risk factors can help to gain trust among the app users and encourage cashless transactions by making sure that they get the security they need.

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Driver features:

1. Dynamic routing:

Uber clone scripts come with this new dynamic routing feature that helps drivers reach their drop-off location faster. This saves time and effort which can be applied to other aspects of your business.

2. Payout account:

Payout accounts offer drivers the same benefits as a traditional checking account and help them receive shared earnings from business owners. They also have the option to add multiple bank details as needed.

3. Earnings report:

Drivers can monitor their weekly and total earnings with updates on the earnings dashboard. This includes the number of completed rides and includes overall data, too.

4. Driver’s status:

Our Uber drivers are able to use an online/offline toggle to alter the activity status of their app. This helps the pricing algorithm take into account whether they’re available or not.

Admin panel features:

1. Geofencing:

Geofencing is a great way for on-demand taxi business owners to manage their services. It allows you to set the area in which your app will function and determine what ride fares are required.

2. Sub-admins management:

Managers can delegate day-to-day tasks to their sub-admin(s) and have a team of individuals complete work in their stead. You can easily utilize the powerful “PowerShell” tool which allows for control and management of resources.

3. Auto-payout:

When you are working on your Uber-like app development, having an advanced admin panel can streamline the operations of your new online taxi business. It can track the payments of all your drivers. 

4. Users and booking management:

Admins can manage and track the users that are working on our platform to promote safe and responsible riding. They ensure that people are doing the right things and entering the system correctly.

Booking management features can help any company at a crucial moment and ensure ride details are always complete.

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