Title: 10 Ridiculous Myths About SEO – That many of you believe!

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Since its origin, SEO has been subjected to many prominent myths. But they are exceptionally ridiculous. SEO Toronto experts have shortlisted some myths that will hurt your stomach with non-stop laughter. 

SEO is dead!

This myth isn’t new. Every year, this myth doesn’t forget to come to the surface, but facts make it fall on the face of the earth. The presence of the matter is – ‘SEO can never be dead’. SEO is a trend that’ll never become history. It is more like a mystery. Things that impact SEO continue to change. They’ll continue to become a mystery until we try to explore them. 

Just after Covid-19, the importance of SEO has risen tremendously. Many people are running their businesses through websites and not from brick-and-mortar stores. And their mere reliance on websites and SEO is generating tons of revenue. 

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SEO is a ‘SET IT & FORGET IT’ Approach!

SEO requires continuous effort. It is not a one-time activity. If you just set it and forget it, you’ll never gain anything – No Organic Traffic, No Leads and No Revenue! 

From the Day 1 of its origin, the trends in SEO have been coming and going. But many that were started in 2022 are continuing to impact SEO. 

Link Building Doesn’t Have Any Importance 

A strong link profile is accountable for building credibility. It is the only link-building that can make your site appear credible in the eyes of Google. 

Because link building helps search engines find new web pages and decide which pages should rank higher in the SERPs, it is a crucial component of SEO services.

Webmasters may raise their website’s rank by building high-quality sites that visitors will want to use and share.

Meaning that instead of just focusing on link-building for search engines, when using link-building strategies, your focus should be on earning links because you’ve created great content that your users want to share.

Working on Keywords is more important than working on search intent

Gone are the days when it was more important to work on keywords than to consider search intent. Earlier, Google’s algorithm considered ranking the results based on the keywords, but immediately after the Hummingbird algorithm, the ‘Keyword Era’ shifted to the ‘Search Intent Era’. 

More the keyword density, The More The Probability Of Appearing In Searches

Google doesn’t prioritize keywords over search intent. In that context, it is pretty clear that keyword density doesn’t matter. No matter how often you have used the focus keyword if your content does not match the search intent, you will not appear in any searches. 

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SEO is all about grabbing the #1 spot

No, it isn’t. SEO is not only confined to grabbing the #1 spot. It brings valuable prospects to your website and convinces them to make purchases. Besides, it aims at spreading awareness. 

There is no such thing as – ‘Mobile Friendly.’

Today, websites are not only made friends for desktop versions. More attention is also paid to making websites mobile friendly. Because more than 70% of people consider surfing websites through Mobile Phones, we can’t afford to lose that much traffic. So, it is quintessentially important to make a website mobile-friendly. 

Google Ads Can Contribute To Organic Traffic

SEO can help paid marketing campaigns. But paid marketing campaigns can’t help SEO. So, it isn’t smart to expect increased organic traffic through paid marketing campaigns. 

There is a Universal SEO Strategy that can work for all clients

Every project is different, and so are its goals and objectives. So there can’t be an actionable universal SEO strategy for all projects. SEO is all about customizations and experimentation. SEO strategy can’t work on the ‘One Size Fits All Approach”. 

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The work of an SEO executive is negligible.

People are not only spreading myths about SEO, but many rumors are active for SEO executives. Just like the one we all must have heard – ‘The work of an SEO executive is negligible’. They don’t do anything. This myth doesn’t deserve our attention. 

Final Comments!

Only people who don’t know about SEO spread these myths. As intellectual professionals, we are responsible for cross-checking every statement we come across. Following them blindly sets unrealistic goals for beginners who wish to see themselves flourishing in SEO. 

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