10 Efficient Ways to Promote Your New eCommerce Site

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Cart abandonment rates are 69.2 percent, which indicates that customers aren’t always willing to connect with your brand. To reach your target audience and generate sales, you must be persistent and use a range of marketing methods.

If you bombard them with aggressive marketing all at once, you will either overwhelm them or annoy them, which is not a good outcome. Instead, good marketing comes down to reaching out to audiences on a consistent basis over time in order to establish familiarity and, ultimately, induce sales.

Any retailer may advertise their business without the help of an expensive advertising firm. The ten marketing tactics described below are simple to use on a limited budget, regardless of whether you run a small or big company, and will help you out in the eCommerce development of Dubai.

Get the word out on social media platforms

In social media marketing, consistency is key, publishing on a regular basis at times that are convenient for your consumers’ schedules helps you to reach and connect with them on a regular basis.

Don’t overextend yourself by utilizing every social networking outlet available. Instead, concentrate on the distribution channels that their consumers really use. With data-driven solutions like Google Analytics, you can keep track of the platforms their consumers are most often utilizing.

Choose the social media sites that your consumers prefer, and post industry-related news and trends to keep your accounts interesting and valuable to potential buyers and sellers.

Make use of pay-per-click advertising

PPC is an abbreviation for pay-per-click marketing, which is a sort of advertising in which businesses pay for each click that their advertisement gets. PPC advertising allows you to determine if campaigns are cost-effective by comparing the quantity of traffic and sales produced by the ad against the amount of money spent on the ad.

A major kind of pay-per-click advertising is search engine advertising, with Google AdWords being the most widely used PPC software. Using AdWords, you may build advertisements that will show on Google’s search engine and have them placed via an auction procedure. 

You place a bid on a keyword, and advertisements are selected based on the amount of money you paid and the quality of the ad. Connecting your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts will allow you to track consumer behavior after they have clicked on a Google ad. AdEspresso has written a piece that outlines how to do precisely that.

When it comes to pay-per-click advertising, you must commit to testing and refining your campaigns on an ongoing basis. When you review these sponsored campaigns on a regular basis, you can be confident that your click money is being spent properly in order to produce more visitors and revenue.

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Establishing strategic alliances

By establishing relationships with important people in your field, you may create a buzz around your business. Inquire with bloggers to see if they’d be interested in writing an article on your items or website. You may bring thousands of targeted visits to your eCommerce website by having your website listed in an article on a prominent website.

You should also reach out to and establish relationships with social media influencers in their field who can publish and distribute information about your shop on their platforms. Once you’ve found social media accounts that have a high number of followers and are associated with your business, you should start connecting with them on a consistent basis. 

Begin running podcast advertisements

Marketing does not necessarily have to be visually appealing. Because podcasts are often directed towards certain demographics, podcast advertisements are an excellent method to reach your targeted viewers. 

Make contact with podcasts that are connected to your sector to talk fees and explain the importance of your brand. Having a firm knowledge of why your items are beneficial and worth purchasing can help them communicate more effectively about your online shop. 

When selecting the time and location for your podcast advertisement, keep the substance of your message in mind. If your advertisement only requires a few lines of text, a shorter pre-roll or post-roll spot at the beginning or end of a podcast is ideal. 

Make your product available on many platforms to attract more consumers

Selling on multiple channels can help you expand the reach of your brand.  Because marketplaces often get greater volumes of traffic than a single online shop, selling on various platforms helps to boost the exposure of your online business and brand in the marketplace. 

It is possible that your online shop would not have been discovered differently if you did not use each channel’s distinct group of site visitors. Using a variety of distribution methods and Magento development Dubai to promote your goods and brand, you may reach these prospective customers.

Develop a search engine optimization plan

Having a smaller amount of traffic than large marketplaces is a downside of selling via an online business. You must optimize your online shop in order to attract more visitors by including SEO keywords into the names and descriptions of your product listings and categories. You may increase traffic to your online business and increase sales by putting commonly searched keywords and phrases on your website.

Once you’ve found the most effective keywords and incorporated them in product descriptions and names, you can track the effectiveness of your SEO approach using Google Analytics. 

Establish A Blog

No prior experience as a maker or a gourmet is required for content marketing success. A growing number of businesses across all sectors are launching blogs in order to offer their customers good material and to establish confidence in their brand. 

Promoting a blog is a continual process since the material may be uploaded and shared on social media, and search engines can direct visitors to the site. Incorporating visual elements into your blogs, such as charts and videos, is a simple approach to make your information more understandable and interesting for your readers. 

Posting blog entries on a regular basis and marketing the material on social media platforms allows you to develop an interest in your product, attract visitors to your online shop, and increase sales by increasing brand awareness.

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Make use of email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a simple and effective method of reaching customers with incentives that are tailored to their individual requirements. When it comes to how your product may benefit them, customers are more inclined to interact with discounts and offers that are tailored to their specific needs.

An email discount for first-time purchasers, for example, might be beneficial to shop visitors who browsed merchandise but did not make a purchase.

Because they are already familiar with your brand, loyal, returning consumers will not benefit from a first-time buyer promotion, but they may appreciate an email reminder about your store’s huge semi-annual discount.

Encourage customers to write product reviews

Trust in your online business and its items are built via reviews, which are essential for this. Because online shoppers can’t physically see merchants or their products, they make purchase choices based on the phenomena of social proof, understanding what is acceptable conduct by looking to others — rather than the traditional sales funnel. 

Encourage consumers to post more reviews by sending them an email that encourages feedback. Send an email to the customer a few days after they have received the goods or services, respectfully requesting their comments on their purchase experience. You may also provide a discount or an entry into a contest in return for reviews, which will encourage people to write them.

Retarget your advertisements

How can you re-engage a shop visitor who has left without making a purchase? The solution is retargeting marketing. This approach installs a cookie from your website on the PCs of visitors. 

When users visit another website later, the cookie allows advertisements for your items to appear on that site. The placement of your adverts on other websites helps to keep your items visible and available to purchasers who would otherwise be hesitant to make a purchase due to financial constraints.

Ad retargeting is most successful when it is tailored to the unique needs of the target audience. To provide an example, rather than showing a broad image of your business, retargeted ads can display the product that an individual client is interested in rather than a general picture of your company. When retargeted advertisements are combined with an offer and a clear call to action, they may be quite effective.


With the above tips of you can easily promote your new eCommerce site and the increasing level of competition among sellers, it is more vital than ever to invest effort into promoting your online business. Long-term marketing, on the other hand, requires distributing your efforts over a variety of tactics. 

A wide collection of marketing methods boosts your chances of marketing success because, if one strategy fails, you have other strategies to fall back on while you strengthen your efforts in other areas. Being ready to utilize a variety of approaches and to refine your methods as required allows you as a seller to reach more consumers and generate more sales via your marketing efforts.

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