The Best Way to Promote Your Art on Instagram

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Artistic success requires not only creating art but also promoting it in today’s fast-paced world. Online and offline art is becoming more accessible while maintaining quality is also becoming more challenging for artists.

The art community is quickly becoming a part of the online world, just like many small businesses and large corporations. The social media platforms Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram make it easy to connect with fellow artists and gain fans. As a result, you may end up with opportunities that are not available in traditional networking settings.

Using Instagram as a platform for sharing images with friends, family, and the world makes it an ideal platform for artists. In addition to showing their process, artists use Instagram to sell their work. Artwork is regularly sold directly from artists’ Instagram feeds, according to Vogue.

There is something unprecedented about Instagram’s accessibility to viewers, and it will continue to expand. Your art can potentially reach a bigger audience through Instagram than through your art show, so it’s essential to use Instagram to grow your business.

To promote your art better on Instagram, we have some simple tips from our Experts.

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Engage your audience

Your overall image as an artist should only be represented by photos relevant to it.

Instagram is a great place to share your work in progress, finished images, inspirations, and other life events with your followers. In addition to your art, Instagram is about your brand and your everyday life. Posts about inspirations, achievements, in-progress work, and studio shots that show what accessories you are using. As an example, if you are a miniature artist, you can show your followers about miniature light lamps, colors, tables, and so on.

High-Quality Images

Make sure your images reflect your work and vision. This may seem obvious, but make sure they are high quality. A user going to Instagram usually expects high-quality photographs that have been carefully curated. You can easily make your image look beautiful, especially since there are so many filters available. With Instagram, you can get away with a much lower-quality photo than on Facebook or Twitter.

Take a look at the captions

The Instagram platform is now primarily used for visual storytelling, so accompany your images with an intriguing caption or a story that will compel your followers to engage. All-around interesting posts are sure to get comments, likes, and reports from the Instagram crowd.

Represent your artistry

Because Instagram is primarily an image-based platform, you want to use images that reflect you as an artist. In order to present something artistically on Instagram, you must give something candid like the sky or what you ate at lunch.

Instagram Posting Guidelines & When to Post

You should always keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity when posting. Ideally, you should post on a regular basis enough to keep your visitors engaged. You may want to skip posting an image if it is not a good picture, especially if you are debating whether or not to post it just to make the daily quota. It is a good idea to try to post every day if at all possible.

Instagram Hashtags

Engaging your followers and attracting more visitors to your Instagram account is made possible by effectively using hashtags. In Instagram, hashtags help categorize content, so if you use a few with every post, you’ll be added to different categories, increasing your exposure. How many hashtags should you use? Generally, Instagram users use between 5 and 12 hashtags per post, but 30 is allowed.

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Instagram Promotion for Artists

Instagram can be your only means of promoting your paintings. However, you shouldn’t come out as simply trying to sell them your paintings if you want to build a loyal fan following. The most popular Instagram users demonstrate how crucial it is to create a brand and a look that people adore. Promoting your artwork will then feel most natural and effective.

Sales Lead from Instagram

The majority of artists who have made the most money on Instagram have come to the realization that it is frequently impulsive and unpredictable. Instagram has enormous potential, and if your work is good, people will start to follow you. One of your followers may be anyone, and before long you might find yourself making a sale.

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Take your sharing beyond Instagram


Facebook or an artist’s website can be linked to Instagram easily. Your website can be enhanced by adding the Instagram Widget. Instagram Tabs are now easy to add to your Facebook page. As a result, your Facebook and website fans will start following you on Instagram.

Your Website

By adding high-quality photos to your website, Instagram can add personality and make it feel more intimate. In the future, social media will be used by even more people. The way Instagram promotes businesses and corporations is constantly changing, so you need to stay on top of it.

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