Clean Up Your Photo Collection with Best Tools

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Cleaning up the photo collection is very necessary as it will help you to organize your photo library and free up the space on your hard drive.

You can manually clean up your photo collection, however, it will take lots of time and effort. There are different tools available that will help you to clean up your photo collection.

The first step in cleaning up the photo collections is to remove unwanted photos. Unwanted photos can be of any type like blur images, old images, and images that are of no use to us.

After cleaning up the unwanted files you have to remove duplicate photos from your computer. By removing the duplicate photos, you will recover lots of space on your computer. 

There are many duplicate picture finder programs available. You can use any one of the programs available according to your needs.

Let’s Look At The Steps To Clean Up Your Photo Collection:

01. Find All Pictures

Before cleaning up the files you need to find all the pictures stored on your computer. If you are using cloud storage make sure that all the pictures are in the location you want.

If all the pictures are stored on your computer, then you have to locate all the pictures and then save them on a single drive if possible.

2. Remove Unwanted Pictures. 

We take lots of pictures using digital cameras and smartphones. Some of these pictures that we take are not clear or not something that we need.

We have to look at all the pictures on your computer and manually remove blur pictures. 

Also, you can remove the pictures that you do not need.

03. Safe photos in the correct folder structure

If the pictures are stored in the correct folder structure, then you can easily go through all the pictures and then clean up the photo collection.

You can use the date format or location format to create a hierarchy.

04. Remove all the duplicated photos:

The main part of cleaning up the photo collection is to remove duplicate photos. You can remove duplicate photos manually by searching them one by one. 

If you are removing the duplicate manually then you have to open the duplicates one by one and then compare them. Once the duplicates are identified you have to remove them one by one.

If you have a small number of duplicates on your computer then this process may work, however, if there are lots of duplicates on your computer then you have to use a duplicate photo finder program.

There are many duplicate finder programs available and you have to choose one of the best.

Here we are using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro to remove duplicates from the computer.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is one of the best duplicate finder programs.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro For Removing The Duplicate Photos:

STEP 1 – You have to download and install Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

STEP 2 – Launch the program from the desk once it is installed.

STEP 3 – After launching the program you have to add the location from which you want to scan the duplicate photos. You can drag and drop the photos and folders into the scan list.

STEP 4 – Once the location is added you have to click on Scan for Duplicates button to start the scan.

STEP 5 – Now let the scan complete and once the scan is completed you will see all the duplicates found. You can preview the duplicates and then delete them.

STEP 6 – Once you have checked the duplicates found you can mark the duplicates for deletion. You can use the auto mark function to automatically mark the duplicates. Once the duplicates are marked you can go ahead and delete the duplicates.

Once the process is completed the duplicates will be deleted and your photo collection will be cleaned up.

Let’s look at the features of this program:

1. Simple and easy to use user-Interface:

Duplicate Photos Fixer is easy to use and you can remove the duplicates using this program without any problem. This program will help you to remove duplicates from internal and external storage.

2. Multiple comparison modes:

You can use Exact match criteria and Similar match criteria for finding the duplicates. Exact match criteria will help you to find identical duplicates and similar match criteria will help you to find similar-looking pictures.

3. Options in Similar match criteria:

If you have selected similar match criteria then you can modify settings to change the similarity between the pictures.

4. Verdict:

Manually cleaning the duplicates will take lots of time and unnecessary effort and deleting the duplicate by searching them will not guarantee 100% removal of duplicate photos.

Therefore, it is advisable to use a duplicate photo remover tool. Here we are using Duplicate Photos Fixer for removing the duplicate photos from the computer.

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