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Aggregation of various organic ingredients

Orgatre has utilized specific ingredients grown under strict expert supervision in organic farms for the preparation of the best hair growth serum. The key constituents include five essential vitamins viz.-Vit E, Vit C, Vit B3, Vit B5, Vit B7 and five organic essential oils namely – Ginger Oil (Zingiber officinale) , Rosemary Oil (Salvia Rosmarinus), Peppermint Oil (Mentha piperita), Roman Chamomile Oil (Chamaemelum Nobile) , Thyme Oil (Thymus vulgaris). The properties of this chemical were studied and authenticated by skin care experts in Orgatre laboratories running in the foothills of Haridwar in the Sidcul Industrial area.


The above-mentioned ingredients extracted from fresh herbs are first weighed properly and then dispensed in water and allowed to boil for around fifteen minutes. The resultant extract is then filtered and other essential base materials are added. The filtered serum is further tested for quality checks and the filtrate is weighed in dark-colored spray bottles.

Evaluating the contents of the Orgatre hair growth serum

  1. Physical advent: Before packaging the bottles of the hair growth serum, the filtered liquid is tested on the basis of its color, odor, texture, viscosity, and physical appearance.
  2. The serum is also tested for homogeneity for the removal of any visible lumps or aggregated particles when it undergoes a visual examination. 
  3. The ph meter is duly calibrated at a ph values of 4 and 7. The ph meter electrode is then dipped into the hair serum and kept for a short span of time till the ph of the filtrate becomes normal.
  4. The viscosity of the resultant filtrate is also measured at different rpm. Viz. 10. 30, 50…!
  5. The overall spreadability of the filtrate is strictly measured for assessing the amount of serum which spreads between two semi-solid layer preparations.
  6. Also, an eye sensitivity test is conducted on real people for any harm caused due to the aroma infused in the hair growth serum

Quality evaluation of the hair growth serum for hair growth

  • The overall quality evaluation for the hair growth cycle is carried out by a simple visual examination and the preliminary hair growth span is calculated on a shaved region of the skin. The percentage of darkened areas is also measured and any changes in skin color are observed.
  • A visible hair growth observation is carried out by measuring the diameter of ten random strands and the thickness and volume is calculated.
  • Contamination by microbes

The research and development team also assesses the amount of microbial contagion that takes place in the hair serum. For the same, a small amount of the hair growth serum is placed on the agar cubes and put in the incubator for a time span of 48 hours under 37 degrees Celsius. The percentage of microbial colonies which emerge after the incubation are taken into account and the stability of the product is calculated further for a minimum time period of 3 months. This is done to make sure that the contents of the product remain intact and are not affected by any environmental parameters.


  • After conducting a series of chronological laboratory tests, it was found that the Orgatre hair growth serum contains a vivid combination of essential oils and vitamins in an accurate proportion. The key ingredients infused in the serum enhance the functioning of the sebaceous glands and actively work on the hair vitals as hair texture, hair volume, hair density and hair length.
  • It has been found that in the area of self-care and skincare, using organic ingredients is a must and has increased manifolds in the past decades. According to the current industry trends in the cosmetic world, the extra investment is made in infusing purely natural organic elements for the preparation of organic skincare products.
  • The scope for organic hair care products is vast and productive. Using bioactive components in hair care products has a considerable impact on the varied population. The Ornate hair growth serum has a valuable impact on the complete process of hair growth.
  • The unique constitution of the Orgatre hair growth serum for hair growth provides essential microprotein additives needed for our hair and balances the scalp ph and protects it from microbial infections. It is one of the best hair serums for hair growth that nourishes the scalp and helps in follicular rejuvenation. As and when you apply the hair serum on your scalp, you will experience a cool, non-oily feeling devoid of any kind of fizziness.
  • The serum helps in easy hair supervision and is free from toxins and unwanted chemicals as sulfates and parabens. It is also rich in crucial amino acids for hair growth.
  •  The product has been tested under the strict administration of hair care experts and prominent dermatologists. The various kinds of phytoextracts, bio-actives and carotenoids used in the Orgatre Hair Growth Serum are completely safe and purely organic.


Redensyl: The serum contains adequate amounts of retinyl, a vital component required for the hair growth process in a short span of time. It nourishes the hair follicles deeply and directs an instantaneous blood flow.

Again: It helps in adding to the hair vitals, overall density, and volume.

Procapil: An important ingredient required for hair growth is Procapil. It acts as a perfect solution for hair-thinning and reduces the problem of hair-fall.

Capilla Long: It is well known for repairing and healing damaged hair tissues.

Red Onion Extract: It provides the required amount of sulfur for hair growth which helps in boosting the collagen content and thus maintains the overall health of your hair.

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