5 Tips to Offer Your Customers Exceptional Service Experience

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Even though your customer service team cannot be looked upon as an additional benefit, Almost 60% of businesses use this key factor to compete against their competitors. 

For all a lot of information flooding the internet, people cannot find true and genuine information that makes their lives better, and hence they turn to your customer service team to get their doubts resolved. 

You all may express in your words what bad customer service is, but we often are clueless to explain exceptional customer service. The best customer service experience is one that enables you to get the desired outcome with little effort and hassle. 

If you want to hook your customers to your brand, you will have to ensure that they get the best customer service experience. You can find the definition as mentioned earlier vague, but here is how the ideal customer service experience looks like:

  • At every phase of their buying journey, you should offer them value that you can do by treating them as more than a transaction to your business. 
  • You should try to deliver beyond their expectations. If you just meet their expectations, you fulfil the agreement. They will likely be satisfied but not delighted because you did nothing to make them special. You just delivered what they wanted. 
  • You should deliver them more than your competitors. For instance, free shipping on the first order cannot impress your customers if your competitors are also doing so. You will have to think about what you can offer them going beyond your comfort zone. 
  • You should try to understand the needs of your customers and offer them the right product before it is too late or they go to your competitors. The more inconvenience you cause to your customers, the better it is. 

Tips for creating an exceptional customer service experience

Here are some basic principles that you can follow in order to provide your customers with the best experience:

Have a “thank you” gesture in your conversation

When you interact with your customer, you should begin and end the conversation with thank you. When you say thank you at the beginning of the conversation, it shows that you appreciate that your user has come to you out of all places. 

They have chosen you while there are several competitors of yours. Likewise, saying thank you can leave a positive impression on your user when you end the conversation, even if no transaction is made.

It is crucial to be courteous while talking to your users. The relationship that you make with your potential prospects can go a long way. 

Leverage digital resources

As you know that most people visit websites through their smartphones, you should ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. It can allow you to connect with your users. Integrate a chatbot in your website, so your visitors can drop queries. 

Ensure that the chatbot answers their queries immediately and that this service is available round the clock. You can have your own app and encourage people to download that on their phones so they can get all information in one place without calling you on the IVR number and waiting for a lot of time. 

They can get to know the status of their complaint, get a direct answer about their query, place an order, track their order, and much more. Sometimes customers have basic questions that you would not like to handle on phones, especially when they can get them solved through an app or chatbot. 

This is why it is crucial to leverage digital technology smartly. The integration of technology may require you to fund some money. In case you do not have enough money to fund it, you should take out benefit loans in the UK

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Get feedback from your customers.

No one can help you better than customers in improving your customer service. Stop guessing about what your customers like and what they do not about your service. You should instead directly approach them and ask for feedback. 

Your customers will be able to give you honest feedback that can serve you as the basis for improving your customer service. You can conduct a survey or email to know about their feedback. After you get their feedback, you should identify why you are lacking in meeting their expectations. 

Smartly use reward programmes.

It is not surprising to see that you bombard your customers with reward programs, but that may not count as an ideal customer service experience. You should use reward programs for your current customers. Rewards should be awarded to those customers who have been loyal to your business. 

You should offer such customers exclusive benefits.  You can also offer rewards to your new customers to attract them but make sure that your current customers get additional benefits as they have proved their loyalty. Brainstorm how you can give rewards to them. 

Take care of your customer support team.

Never forget that your customers will be happy when your customer support team is happy. Unhappy employees will never put in the effort to help them through their buying journey. Make sure that you provide your team with all tools that they need to make it convenient. 

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The bottom line

If you want to make your customer service exceptional, you will have to ensure that you are not just meeting your customers’ expectations but also offering them something more than that. You should get their feedback to understand where you are lacking and try to improve your condition.

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