Complete Information to Refill Your E-cigarette Tank and Cartridges

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Coping up with the latest growing trend of using e-cigarette cigar-like and e-cigarette vapes has paved the path to avoidable inconvenience and struggle to refill them. Some e-cigarettes are ready to use as you take out them of your E-Cigarette Boxes but most of them require refilling. If you are fresh in vaping, you must have struggled to refill your e-cigarette kits, regardless of their types. Although every vaping kit has more or less, the same procedures refilling guide is very necessary. Because if you don’t follow it correctly you can end up in wastage of your e-liquids along with your money invested. These guides can come along with the E-cigarette boxes or vape cartridge boxes. But still, if the vape kit boxes are not contained with them you can take help from this detailed guide. Before discussing the refill guide on E-cigarette vapes, one should need to understand completely its components, functioning, and types. Because only by complete knowledge about vapes you can refill them like a pro using refilling accessories.

Components of an E-cigarette Kit:

Every E-cigarette vape or cartridge contains the following four components for their proper functioning.

  • A battery: There is a battery attached to all of the e-cigarettes which provides power to them.
  • The atomizer or vape coil: A vape coil is present in E-cigarette kits to vaporize the e-liquid contained in them.
  • e-liquid: E-liquid is a solution of glycerol, nicotine, additives of vitamin E, and propylene glycol. It also comes up with different flavors like tobacco, menthol, chocolate, candy, sweets, fruity, etc.
  • vape tank or cartridge: A vape tank is a cylindrical tank that holds the vape coil and stores e-liquid in it. They screw onto the batteries of the E-cigarettes.
  • Mouthpiece: It is attached at top of the E-cigarette to inhale the aerosol.

How an E-Cigarette Functions:

The vape coil takes power from the battery attached to the E-cigarettes and heats the e-liquid containing nicotine, flavorings, and other additives which form an aerosol. This aerosol is consumed and inhaled by the vapers through the mouthpiece into their lungs. E-cigarettes can also be used to deliver cannabinoids and certain drugs like marijuana.

Types of E-Cigarettes:

E-cigarettes come up in various types based on their design, size of container tank, and vape systems.

E-Cigarettes with Closed Vape System:

A closed vape system means that you cannot detach your vape tank from them. They are fixed. The e-liquid within the cartridges cannot be refilled manually. There is another vape tank present in the E-cigarette boxes or a separate cartridge is placed in form of cartridge boxes along with E-cigarette boxes. These cartridges are packaged with special care so that they do not get wasted due to being fragile. OBT Packaging is very peculiar in its packaging designs of cartridge boxes to keep the cartridges safe for longer periods. Their custom boxes provide ornate and durable packaging to save the e-liquid from spilling due to any shipping hazard. When you vape tank or pod is emptied with the e-liquid in it, you simply just throw it away and change it with your new cartridge by screwing it onto the battery. You cannot refill them due to being fixed in nature.

E-cigarettes with Open Vape System:

E-cigarettes with an open vape system mean that you can refill the vape systems by using refilling accessories. In these vape systems, the e-liquid is topped up manually.

Mods Vape System:

This type is categorized based on its size. E-cigarettes with larger tank sizes can contain more e-liquid in them. On the size of their large containers, they are known as mods.

Pods Vape System:

Similarly, if the container size is small in the e-cigarettes then they are referred to as Pods vape system.

Bottom Refill Tank:

These types are classified based on their refilling. If the vape tanks are refilled from the bottom then their type is referred to as bottom refill tank.

Top Refill Tank:

If the vape tanks are refilled from the top, then their type is referred to as the top refill tank.

Refilling Accessories:

E-Liquid Bottles:

For refilling E-cigarettes, e-liquid bottles are also contained in the E-cigarette boxes. Vapors refill their vape tanks directly from their e-liquid bottles. These are made up of compressible plastic having nozzles or tips on them to refill the vape tank. When you compress the bottle then e-liquid is dispensed from it to the vape tank easily. If the e-liquid bottle is of glass material then the vape tank will be refilled with other means.

Droppers or Pipettes

Some e-liquid bottles come up with built-in droppers or pipettes attached to their caps. These accessories can also be placed separately along with e-liquid bottles in the E-cigarette boxes. The vaper sucks up the e-liquid in the compressible bulb and then dispensed it into the vape tank.

Vape Syringes

These are the most preferred refill accessory by vapers due to easy handling. Vapers can simply dispense e-liquid into the vape tanks by using vape syringes. These syringes have a measuring scale along with plastic or metallic tips.

When these metallic or plastic tips are drowned in the e-liquid bottles and you push the plunger of the syringe then the e-liquid is filled in the barrel of the syringe. After that, you simply insert your syringe into the vape tanks and dispense it into your vape tank.

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How to Refill E-cigarette Vapes:

The following content provides some of the easiest ways of refill guides to refill your e-cigarette vapes.

E-Cigarettes with Open Vape System:

  • Remove the vape tank from the vape battery.
  • Find the rubber bung that covers the filler hole.
  • Lift or slide this rubber bung to show the stuffing hole.
  • Place the tip of your e-liquid bottle into the hole.
  • Incline the vape tank at a little angle to avoid air pockets.
  • Carefully, fill the vape tank with e-liquid.
  • Leave the small air bubble at the top of the tank.
  • Again, cover the hole with the rubber bung.
  • Wipe off any extra e-liquid from the rubber bung and encompassing area if spilled over.
  • Reconnect the tank onto the battery by screwing it onto it.

E-Cigarettes with Bottom Refill Tank:

  • Unwind the tank from the e-cigarette battery.
  • Unscrew the base of the tank.
  • Put the tip of your e-liquid bottle into the filler hole, in the side of the tank.
  • Avoid the center duct and do not dispose of e-liquid down to the center hole.
  • Incline the tank lightly at an angle to avoid air pockets.
  • Slowly compress your e-liquid bottle and dispense the e-liquid into the tank.
  • Leave an air bubble at the top.
  • Avoid spill-downs of e-liquid from the center duct.
  • Replace the base of your tank and make sure it is winded on tightly with your hands.
  • Wipe off extra e-liquid from around the base of the tank.
  • Finally, replace the tank with your E-cigarette battery.

E-Cigarettes with Top Refill Tank:

  • The wind off the top of your tank (twist or slide the top depending on the tank).
  • Find the e-liquid filler hole.
  • Place the tip of the e-liquid bottle into the filler hole.
  • Slightly incline the vape tank at an angle to stop air pockets.
  • Slowly compress the bottle and dispense the tank with e-liquid.
  • Leave an air bubble at the top.
  • Wind, slide, or twist the top of the tank back on.
  • Wipe off any extra e-liquid.

Tips to Remember While Refilling:

  • Always carry a spare piece of cloth or tissue while refilling to remove the accidental spill-over of e-liquid.
  • Always make sure of, if you have removed the battery properly or not before refilling the vape tank. Otherwise, this practice can harm you.
  • Regularly, clean up your tanks to avoid the build-up of e-liquid inside the tank so that it may not hinder its performance.
  • Change the coil regularly for taste preservation. If you are a heavy user then change it more often. And if you are a low user then change it accordingly.

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