Role of A Book’s Cover in Marketing

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As a writer, you must know that all avid readers look for a books’ cover and its summary. These are the things that could stop one and make them look closely and open the book. Even if they don’t have an interest in drawings, graphics, and colors, the book’s cover can still attract them to at least look for a few seconds. Also, if both the cover and content are good, your book can be a blockbuster. That is how important a book cover is.

Whether or not a book is a hit, what would decide if it’s qualified for it? The readers read it. And when would they read? When you could attract them to your book. A book cover can attract people to at least read the book. If they look at the bookshelf and your book cover doesn’t attract them, they’d not buy it. They might not know if they have even seen your book.

4 Important Role of a Book Cover

These are the four roles a book cover carries. We’ll talk about the importance of each of them below.

More Number of Reviews by the People

Be it a book or anything, many people, before buying anything, look for its reviews online. In the past, they used to ask the people who have used a specific thing. Now we have online testimonials, google reviews, etc. The more attractive a book cover is, the more important would be its reviews. The reason for it is simple: the cover would attract people and they will try to know more about the book. They will decide their likes or dislikes after they have read the book. But to put a book in their hand will be the role of a book cover.


Theme of the Book

A book cover tells the people what would be inside this book. It conveys to them the idea of what they’re going to get inside the book. A book related to animals and wildlife is supposed to have forests, wild animals were drawn on it. There shouldn’t be laptops and iPad images on it. A book cover should tell people what they are going to read inside. It should be related to the topic and the theme so it looks relevant and the people would consider reading it.

Clear Text

The title of your book and everything is written on it should have good readability. A person should not need to look closely at it to understand what’s written on it. The font should be clear and readable. Also, use it to grab the attention of the people. Add a pinch of the mystery element in it. 

For example, The title of the book is What’s Behind That Door? Put the image of a person cautiously trying to see what’s behind the door. It can look good and attract people only when the text should be readable and then they could relate the text to the image.

Book Cover on Online Platforms

Your book cover will be used when marketing your book. Along with other infographics and details, the primary image will be the cover of your book. It will appear on your website landing page, on your social media posts, in your promotional emails, and in online ads. Your book cover will be the other most important thing, along with the teasers of your book in all the mediums. Therefore, you have to make sure that your book cover is attractive enough.

Does Book Cover Matter?

An expert did an experiment where they invited self-published authors and redesigned their book covers by a good professional book cover designer. Do you know what happened then? The marketability of those books increased by 35% on average. 

Things to Avoid in Book Covers

Wrong way of using reviews

People are not interested if your book has got a 5-star rating if you solely tell this. That looks naïve. Like you are telling people to buy the book since it has a good amount of rating. Why would it matter to them? Rather, use testimonials and written reviews of people that others can read. 

For example, This book helped me to learn the important aspects of parenting. I applied whatever I learned in this book and I got the desired results.

Reviews and testimonials like these, when printed on your book cover attractively, can increase your book sale. Put them on the backside of the book cover. However, never purchase the reviews or put fake testimonials on your book cover. It is unethical and once found out, it will ruin your reputation permanently.


In The End

Other than book writers, bloggers also agree that choosing a cover image for their blog post is a very important task, and how they brainstorm about it and invest time in it. You have learned in this blog post how important a book cover is and the mistakes you should avoid. No matter how good your book is, if its cover is not good, it won’t get the attention of the readers. 

They don’t know what’s written inside. The book cover and the title needs to attract people. So, never underestimate the importance of your book cover when you will write a book. Invest time and effort in making a good book cover. 

Best of luck!

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