Top Commercial Standby Generator Maintenance Tips For Winter

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The thought of coming winter storms may be frightening, and the possible loss of heat and power poses a significant risk to both families and businesses.

Generators can help lessen this risk, but they are not magic. You cannot simply wave your wand or sprinkle some fairy dust and expect your generator to run flawlessly at the drop of a hat. Even in the dead of winter, your essentials need Generator maintenance services to perform correctly and the longer you leave it unattended, the less dependable it gets.

Follow our Generator maintenance tips to keep your generator functioning well throughout the winter and spring as well.

Make Your Fuel More Stable

If you are storing your diesel generators for the winter, you should use a fuel stabilizer – a liquid solution to keep the standby generator’s fuel fresh throughout storage. 

To extend the life of your diesel generators, rotate their fuel supply by emptying old fuel and replacing them with impudent gasoline. Stabilizers serve to increase the life of your generator while ensuring a consistent power supply on restart.

Replace The Oil

Your generator, like your automobile, needs clean oil to operate. Because oil tends to gather build-up, you should change it at 50-hour intervals and the filter at 100-hour intervals.

Besides this, you should also keep an eye on your oil levels to ensure that your generator has enough oil to run correctly.

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Perform Regular Maintenance Checks

When you want a long run, do not wait for the next power loss to inspect your generator. Instead, try to do more frequent generator maintenance inspections. Pay particular attention to the oil, fuel, and filters to ensure it works properly. If you do not, you risk your generator yourself.

Make Use Of Your Generator

You’re not the only one who needs to keep things moving to be healthy — your generator does, too! Sure, you’re not going to run your generator on the treadmill or ask it to drop and give you twenty, but you should run it for 10 minutes after lengthy periods of inactivity in chilly weather.

Without proper use, your generator may not switch on or run effectively in temperatures below 4.4 degrees Centigrade, much as our bodies get more rigid as we age. The easiest approach to give your generator a boost is to operate it once a week for around 10 minutes to lubricate all of its working components.

By doing regular generator maintenance and providing it with the care it requires, it may offer you years of dependable electricity.

Kits For Routine Maintenance

Maintaining your standby generator is similar to a routine tune-up and oil change on your automobile. If you’re at ease in the garage, maintaining your standby generator should be a piece of cake. Available comprehensive maintenance kits for your generator in Pakistan guarantee the job correctly.

Standby generator maintenance kits assist and maintain your system functioning at optimal efficiency. These kits are designed for planned and preventative maintenance procedures, providing the security you need when the power goes out.

Acquire Battery Warmers 

Batteries generate power via a chemical process. The strength of such a response is affected by the battery’s temperature. As the temperature drops, the amount of current the battery can produce decreases.

A battery warmer is the most basic generator maintenance equipment you can buy in cold weather climates—that is, anyplace the temperature goes below 0 degrees Centigrade. A thermostat detects when the battery temperature falls below a preset level and activates the warmer to keep it warm.

Consider Using A Transfer Switch

Acquire a transfer switch for safety during the winter months. A transfer switch is an electrical device that allows you to connect a generator to your building wiring at east. When activated, a transfer switch disconnects the generator electricity from the incoming utility lines, protecting the generator while removing the trouble of connecting several extension cables from the generator into the house. 

A transfer switch also removes the potential of back-feeding the electrical utility, which can result in harm to utility personnel and property damage.

Believe The Experts

With your commercial standby generator, you’ve already taken the first step in protecting your business. Although maintaining the unit all year might be a pain, regular generator maintenance is essential for a peak form.

For years, Synergy Technologies has been providing service to our consumers. Our maintenance specialists are available to assist you in ensuring that your system is ready for the winter.

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