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Websites without videos can feel a little, well, flat. Videos are a fantastic way to engage visitors, showcase your products or services, and tell your brand story in a dynamic way.

The good news? Adding videos to your Wix website is a breeze! Whether you have your video or prefer a hosting platform like YouTube or Vimeo, Wix offers a couple of simple methods to get you started.

Option 1: Embed Videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook

  1. Find your video: Head to your favorite video hosting platform and locate the video you want to share. Once you’ve found it, copy the video URL.
  2. Jump into your Wix editor: Navigate to the page on your Wix website where you want to embed the video.
  3. Time to add the video: On the left-hand side of the editor, click the “+” icon and select “Video and Music.” Choose the type of player you want to use (e.g., Single Video Player).
  4. Paste and play: Depending on your selected player, you might drag and drop it or paste the video URL you copied earlier into a designated field.
  5. Customize it! Make the video your own by tweaking playback options (autoplay, loop) and adjusting the player design (if applicable) to match your website’s aesthetic.

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Option 2: Upload Your Videos Directly to Wix

  1. Head to your video library: Go to your Wix site’s dashboard and access the Video Library.
  2. Upload your video: Click on “Add Videos” and choose “Upload video.” Select the video file from your computer (up to 1GB).
  3. Organize for easy access (optional): Wix allows you to group your videos into channels or playlists for better organization.
  4. Back to the editor: Now that your video is uploaded go to your Wix editor and follow steps 3-5 from Option 1 to add the uploaded video to your website.

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Bonus Tip: Wix Video Offers More!

While embedding videos from other platforms is convenient, Wix Video offers powerful features you won’t want to miss. These include:

  • Advanced video management: Organize your videos into channels, create playlists, and sell or rent your videos directly through your website.
  • Detailed analytics: Track viewer engagement and see how your videos are performing.
  • Monetization options: Turn your videos into a revenue stream with Wix Video’s built-in monetization tools.

Level Up Your Website with Video

Adding videos to your Wix website is a surefire way to grab attention and keep visitors engaged. With Wix’s user-friendly interface and flexible options, embedding videos or uploading your own content is easier than ever. So, why not try it today and see how videos can transform your website?

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