Graphic Designing Trends to Look Out For in 2022

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Graphic Designing is one of the most dynamic jobs in the industry. Designers have to cope up with the fast-changing trends and at the same time look forward to the upcoming trends. In recent years designs have been more and more integrated with the Internet and AI (Artificial Intelligence) specifically. Essentials of designs like Color Palette, Font Design, Font Size, Background Themes, Canvas Size, Dimensions, and much more are expanding at an unprecedented rate. This in turn has forced designers to develop graphics that are both trendy and impactful at the same time.

With more and more people resorting to a Hybrid or a Work from Home (WFH) Model, designs are now seemingly going towards themes that offer positivity and collaborative appeals. Going forward the upcoming trend in 2022 is also predicted to be on a similar line. 

Graphic Designing is going to be even more challenging in 2022, than ever and the designers have to gear up big time for the upcoming complex and competitive environment. Although, one cannot predict everything in this industry, some of the known trends and practices might play out well in 2022. These trends can be listed below:

Retro Themes:

Retro and Classical themes were a great hit in the Covid induced years of 2020 and 2021. These themes are going to be popular in 2022 as well. The retro themes induce a sense of nostalgia, warmth, and family-like feeling amongst the audiences. The pandemic has wreaked havoc in one way or the other to every family at some point in time. Graphics based on a retro or a classical theme is sure to have a positive impact on the minds of the audiences. Nestle, for example, always follows this strategy, as it has products for newborns and young kids.

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Dimensional Mixing:

A mix of both 2D and 3D objects/fonts in the right proposition catches the instant attention of the users. This mix also has the power of conveying the messages more clearly and effectively. Companies like Flipkart and Domino’s can be good examples of this type. While Flipkart has incorporated a stylish bag in its name itself, Domino’s always uses a 3D-like print for pizzas. Domino’s also has incorporated a two-tone (Red and Blue) domino in its logo. Such designs have a long-lasting impact on the users.

Intuitive Fonts:

Graphics made with an interactive/expressive font are also gaining fast acceptance in the industries. These are particularly good for a new company or brand launch as people can easily understand the business or the offering. Coupled with an expressive color-coded logo, increases their chance of getting the message conveyed. Tanishq uses a gold color font to convey that it primarily operates in the jewelry industry.

Geometrical Patterns: 

These graphical patterns are bold, edgy, and offer a professional appeal. These graphical designs are mostly used by companies engaged in a single line of professional business. Mostly these are used by companies engaged in financial activities, as quite generally geometry is associated with Maths and Calculations. Ticker Tape, a website that is engaged in providing financial metrics, share price tickets, and financial statement reviews, uses geometrical graphical design patterns. 

Color Splash Graphics: 

These types of graphical designs are all covered in several colors or at a minimum of 4 colors. Graphics in this category are mostly for products that cater to provide fun and offer a leisure experience. Companies that manufacture toffees, toys, and candies generally prefer color-splashed graphics. As fun and leisure are a part and parcel of life these graphical themes are here to stay for a long time.

Rogue Design:

Designers have to continuously adapt to the changing customer environment and sentiments. Youth in today’s era is fiery, feisty, and bold in taking the roads less traveled. Graphic Designers have understood this youth trait and are therefore incorporating this in their designs as well. This type of theme is mostly used by companies in the fashion and youth-centric industries. They are primarily associated with colors like red, black, and brown. Fashion Startups like HRX and Wrogn can be great examples of such types of graphical designs.

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Although the graphics based on neon are not newer in the industry, their usage and acceptance have been more wide-based in recent years. Neon-based graphical designs trigger the insomniac part of the brain due to their extensive color brightness. These graphics are mostly used to convey messages that are bold and cater to premium leisures. Bar and Restaurants, Late Night Eateries, and a few Night Shopping Malls use neon-based graphics extensively.


The theme which went viral particularly amongst gamers around 2019 is set to continue its dominance in the graphical designing industry, from 2022 to years to come. The theme is a craze amongst the gaming industry so much that without RGB (Red, Green, and Blue), a product cannot be considered for gaming at all. Leading PC Manufacturers (Lenovo Legion), Gaming Mobile Makers (ASUS ROG), Gaming Accessories Makers (RedGear, AntSports) and other related industries advertise their products on the RGB theme only.


Holography is another design theme that is now trickling from the premium luxury bands onto the newer age companies. Holographic design means the application of 3-Dimensional technology within a design framework so that a real-life look and feel of the product can be created. These types of graphical designs are evident in the websites of Apple, Mercedes-Benz, and many more. With more and more companies attaining record market valuations, designers can expect a greater and more extensive usage of holography.


Graphical designs based on doodles are becoming quite trendy amongst companies. These designs add a touch of personalization to the design. These are very effective for companies marketing personal care products, indigenous companies, and companies that are producing products at home. With many new professionals taking up the entrepreneurial route, expect the doodles’ theme to stay for a long time.

Imagination and Escape Based Graphics: 

These graphical designs include a person’s wildest escape plans and the discovery of the undiscovered. These designs include things like space, wildlife, silent nature, oceans, and much more. These designs are widely used in the traveling and the tourism industry, and with the sector forecasted to grow exponentially after the pandemic, the trend is here to continue beyond 2022.


Bubble-based graphical designs are most famous amongst the marketers of child products. Bubbles are essentially circle-shaped and provide a feeling of friendliness and love. These graphical designs are extremely popular amongst the companies in the chocolate industry. Cadbury for instance mostly incorporates this design structure only in its websites, ads, and product offerings. The outlook in this designing trend is everlasting positive with stable growth.


The usage of symbols increases the overall longevity of the message to be conveyed by the graphic. Symbols are an evergreen trend and their usage continues to be in steady growth. Amazon for example has a smiling lip symbol just below its name on the logo itself. This small symbol makes the consumer feel that the company is grateful towards them for their purchases.

As earlier said, Graphic Designing is an ever-evolving, dynamic field, and now with the Integration of AI and increased programming base, none of a particular method can be considered as a trending one. Designers have to continuously evolve and adapt to the upcoming trends and changes in the industry. No one can fully predict the trends that can make it big, and adaptation is the only key, going forward from 2022.

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