Want to Enhance Local SEO in 2022? Try These Top Strategies

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Local SEO services are extremely important for businesses that are hyperlocal in their operations. They are even more crucial at a time when a majority of people are looking for local information online before purchasing a product or service. As per a GoGulf study, nearly half of total online searches look for local information.

In this scenario, professional local SEO providers can help businesses enhance their local visibility and drive more traffic to their websites. This blog post details top strategies that can help businesses enhance their local SEO efforts and rank higher in search results.

Top Strategies For Local SEO Efforts

1. Create a strong Google My Business page

A Google My Business page enables a business to appear on Google Maps and Search. Every local business should create a strong Google My Business page and provide correct information such as name, address, phone number, working hours, and more. It plays a huge role in enhancing the local SEO and enables people to find the business on the search engine result page.

2. Optimize for voice search

As per recent data, almost half of the internet users use voice search daily to look for local businesses. Every three in five customers use voice search to find local business information. The advent of voice assistants and smart speakers has made it more popular. In voice search, users look for specific information and use more long-tail keywords compared to regular searches. The devices read the results out loud. Local businesses should adapt their digital marketing efforts for voice search and create crisp and clear content in a conversational tone. They must provide accurate and specific information. Professional local SEO providers can help businesses to optimize their websites for voice search.

3. Make website mobile-friendly

As per a Perficient study, mobile devices accounted for nearly 70 percent of website visits in 2020. The number is set to grow as many people are using their smartphones and tablets to search the internet for information and local businesses. Local businesses should use responsive web design to ensure that their websites are compatible with all devices. Optimizing load speed and images can also make the website mobile-friendly.

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4. Perform a thorough keyword research

In local SEO, finding the right keywords is a challenge as almost all businesses aim to rank for specific keywords. The key is to find high-quality and low-competitive keywords that will enable a local business to stand out. Before choosing a keyword, find out the search intent associated with it. Different users have different intentions when they search a particular keyword. Some may want general information, while others may want a specific product. Local businesses must understand what their target audience is looking for and tailor the content to match their intent.

5. Use local variants of the generic keywords

Some keywords are so generic that they may not be effective in local searches. To ensure better visibility, local businesses need to use local variants of the generic keywords. They also need to tweak their local SEO and online marketing strategies to have an edge over their competitors.

6. Leverage The Power of Local Influencers

Local businesses need to create content that is extremely relevant to the locations they are operating in. This will help them connect with their target audience and communicate all the latest events and updates in their area. They can also take the help of local influencers and bloggers and leverage their power to reach more people in their locality. Creating city-specific pages, frequently asked questions, and local video content can also enhance visibility and local rankings.

7. Ask customers to write reviews

When ranking local businesses, Google considers reviews on Google My Business profiles as well as websites. Local businesses should encourage and make it easy for their customers to write reviews. The easiest way to get positive reviews is to request the most satisfied and happiest customers to leave reviews. Reviews are important to establish credibility and help prospective customers know how a business serves its existing customers. As per a study, more than 67 percent of customers all around the globe check a company’s reviews before purchasing its products or services. 

8. Get high-quality backlinks from relevant websites

Link building is extremely important in local SEO. It indicates a website’s authority and credibility. Local businesses can receive high-quality backlinks from several relevant local sources. It can be from local business groups, local newspaper websites, local business directories, vendors and partners, and many more. The links that are authoritative and relevant can enhance a website’s domain authority and ranking.

9. Build exceptional customer relationships

When it comes to excellence in business, nothing can beat the good old customer relationship. When a local business builds better customer relationships than its competitors, it enjoys greater customer loyalty and satisfaction. By doing that, it boosts its local SEO efforts and carves a special place for itself in the local business ecosystem.

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10. Secure website with HTTPS

HTTPS, which indicates that a website is secured, is a ranking factor. It has several advantages over plain and simple HTTP encryption, which has a greater risk of getting hacked and losing ranks. With a little investment, local businesses can strengthen their websites’ security using HTTPS encryption. 

11. Monitor online reputation

Online reputation is crucial for local businesses as a large number of prospective customers use the internet to find products and services near them. In highly competitive markets, some players try to harm the reputation of their competitors. Local businesses should monitor their online reputation at regular intervals.


As more people perform online searches before purchasing anything, local SEO helps them find the most suitable business providers and best products and services. High-quality local SEO services can provide a business with superior traffic, ranking, and credibility. Hyperlocal businesses can take the professional local SEO providers to craft high-quality content and stay ahead of their competitors.

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