Why do Bloggers Transfer their Blogs to WordPress

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Most Blogger starts their blog on Blogger, and Blogspot is free to use and easy to learn. But at the end of their learning phase. Learning is an all-time running process, and you can’t avoid it.

When you start avoiding this, you will have to face too many errors in your blogging journey. After all, it’s up to them. So, the question is, why do they transfer their blog Blogger to WordPress?

Before answering this question, let’s know how bloggers and WordPress work. It’s good to know that because you can scale the potential when you know how particular things work.

If you are just using it, and you don’t even know how that works, then how can you will do progress for your pocket money or your field.

When you know why people are transferring their blogs, that time you will be clear about where you should start your blogging journey. To solve this puzzle, you have to know very first how Blogger and WordPress work.

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How does Blogger work?

Blogger is hosted on Google, and Google is the administrator. You have only limited access to Blogger. Use do Google hosting; Blogger can handle unlimited traffic.

Now Google’s main headquarters is in the USA, but Google has a specific domain for every country. As I told you, Google can unlimited traffic like the best WordPress hosting conversion. Maybe conversion can go down, but Google not.

Advantage of Blogger

  • Blogger free to use
  • You don’t need to pay to maintain the fee
  • Everyone can start blogging on Blogger
  • Impossible to hack a blogger’s site
  • You can create unlimited backlinks for free
  • You don’t need to pay for the theme

For a new blogger, this is an excellent opportunity to start a blog site. Because here he can start for free. If you are not interested, you can use this free resource for practice.

Disadvantage of Blogger

  • Limited access
  • If you don’t know to code, then you may face issue
  • Google takes much time to index the article
  • Hard to rank on Google
  • You can’t design your site as you wish

Most bloggers start their blogging on Blogger, but when they need to expand their site, they transfer their site to WordPress.

Final line: If you are serious about your blogging journey, you should start your blog on WordPress, but if you just want to learn how blogging works, then you can definitely start your blog site on Blogger.

How does WordPress work?

WordPress means complete independence. You can edit, delete, or what you want. WordPress runs on CMS. So, it’s a content management system. On WordPress, you will see a dashboard where you can manage everything.

For WordPress, you can use CDN. If your site gets hacked or you delete some files by default, you can quickly recover them.

Advantage of WordPress

  • Easy to use
  • You don’t need to know to code
  • So many plugins are available that you can use to scale your site.
  • You can design your site as you wish
  • Accessible to rank and easy to get links
  • Google will index your content fast
  • WordPress is your property

If you have read all the points carefully, I don’t need to tell you how easy and potential to use WordPress. But again, it’s up to you.

Disadvantage of WordPress

  • So many small parts you have to cover
  • WordPress is not a free resources
  • Most of the good plugins require money
  • Beginners always face issues with ranking.
  • When you stop your writing, Google will delay indexing your content.
  • WordPress websites aren’t accessible (you’ll have to use an accessibility plugin to fix this).    

Every good platform has a good and bad site. But when you know how to handle all of them, you are unstoppable.

Final line: Before starting your blog on WordPress, you should know how blogging works, creating backlinks and using Google Analytics and Google search console.

All of these can make your blogging journey easy and comfortable. We have discussed both (Blogger and WordPress) advantages and disadvantages. What next?

These advantages and disadvantages can make your decision easy what will you prefer. You are reading this post which means you are a beginner blogger or willing to start your blog.

Why do bloggers transfer their blogs?

No matter what stage you are. After reading this post, you will be clear on where you should start your blog. Because when you start your blog on the right platform then, you don’t need to transfer your blog site.

Blog site transfer takes time, and sometimes it breaks your URL. As you have seen, there are advantages and disadvantages at starting time, and for this, most bloggers prefer to transfer their blog site.

After getting more traffic, every blogger wants to scale their blog, but it can be hard on bloggers. On the other hand, WordPress makes this task easy.

Think twice; you have opportunities to make you’re earning more and so many other good things for your site; when you are using WordPress, why will you use Blogger. Obviously, you will change your blog platform. And this small part wants to do every pro blogger who is currently getting massive traffic. Moreover, with the right tools like a WordPress Popup Plugin, you can enhance user engagement, capture leads effectively, and significantly improve the overall performance of your WordPress website.


Want to start your blog, then start your blog on a good platform where you don’t need to transfer your blog. Starting a perfect blog takes time, but in the end, when you go for a site transfer that time you are asking yourself why I have started your blog on this platform.

On YouTube, some bloggers will suggest you start your blog on Blogger. Don’t do this. If you do, I will suggest you start your money blog on WordPress, and for practice, use Blogger. So, you don’t need to transfer your blog site.

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