The Most Followed Instagram Celebrities Around The World

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Instagram is the world’s most renowned social media platform with more than one million daily active Instagram members (Huang & Su, 2018). Because of its popularity, some of the most famous and well-known celebrities also utilize Instagram. It’s the primary platform for open communication between celebrities and their followers. Celebrities don’t just share their everyday life and work photos through Instagram but also use it to promote their own brands. A majority of business brands partner with celebrities to achieve rapid success (Liu and Suh, 2017). Users of Instagram can get a glimpse into the lives of celebrities through their regular posts as well as Instagram Stories. Let’s take a look at 10 of the most liked celebs who are most popular on Instagram.

Taylor Swift (149m followers)

Taylor Swift has more than 140 million followers on Instagram. She is renowned as the most adored and sought-after actor, singer, and romantic leisurely. Her beautiful photos are the primary reason for attracting Instagram fans to join her via social platforms. Another method to increase the number of followers you have on Instagram is through buying Instagram followers from the UK from a reputable service supplier.

Taylor Swift

Her story focuses on the performance of her photos, promotions for new work, as well as other tasks that are frequent on Instagram (Nisbett and Schartel Dunn 2021). Her popularity is also due to her beautiful appearance. She also posts her daily routine and life events on Instagram. She has collaborated with a variety of famous brands on Instagram including CoverGirl, Apple, and Capital One.

Justin Bieber (165m followers)

Justin Bieber is one of the most well-known performers. He began with pop stars, and is now is considered to be the most popular star on Instagram (Lim 2017, 2017). Many people love his account. His profile featured handouts featuring different celebrities, parties, and pranks, as well as cartoon-like faces. He’s about 26 years old. young. Alongside singing, he tends to write songs too.

Justin Bieber

He also writes motivational posts on Instagram. Instagram stories. His posts receive anywhere from 1 to 3 million views. Justine Bieber collaborated with some of the most well-known brands on Instagram including Calvin Klein.

Selena Gomez (214m followers)

Selena Gomez is one of the most well-known artists, musicians, and singers. Her Instagram account Instagram is filled with selfies and pop-star fancies and photos of her enjoying the moment. She also shares her photos with her friends. The Instagram account is distinct from other celebs since she takes an interest in political occasions and shares current issues including women’s rights (Brown and Tiggemann, 2020).

Selena Gomez

Positive posts from her account encourage Instagram people to check out her account as they feel a bond with her. Her posts are filled with enthusiasm. She is thought to be the most highly-paid influencer on Instagram since she has a partnership with a variety of brands, including Coach, Steps Up, and Kmart.

Kylie Jenner (218m followers)

Kylie Jenner believes that she is the most successful launch on Instagram. She is known for her cosmetics brand as well as her Instagram profile shows her work as well as her lifestyle (Lee & Kim, 2020). She is an influencer who marks up on Instagram and the majority of her posts focus on beauty and fashion. Additionally, she’s the youngest billionaire at 21.


Her business was launched in 2015and over time, her brand became famous across the globe. Her charismatic personality helped make her the most influential persona in social media. She worked in collaboration with Coty Inc. She is one of the most demanding Instagram celebrities.

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Cristiano Ronaldo (267m followers)

Cristiano Ronaldo has been a soccer player who is famous for his football skills. He is international soccer. Instagram users love him because of his posts about sports. He has over 33 accomplishments (Zarei, Farahbakhsh, & Crespi 2019). He is also known as acting as an ambassador for the three most renowned charity centers: Save the Child, World Vision, and UNICEF.

Cristiano Ronaldo

He is a social worker and his selfless and committed personality encourages his fans to continue to draw more. She’s working on a variety of social issues, including poverty. He also collaborated with many prominent and progressive brands on Instagram like Nike, Clear, Abbott, and Inspire.

Kim Kardashian (208m followers)

Kim Kardashian is famous for modeling. Her instream account is filled with her private life as well as family pictures (Evans, Phua, Lim, and the Jun 17th of 2017). Kim Kardashian is referred to by her Instagram handle as the selfie queen since the majority of her photos are selfies. Her fashions and her dazzling personality are what draw Instagram followers to follow her page.

Kim Kardashian

She often publishes on Instagram and this is the primary reason for her close connection among followers on Instagram. Instagram followers. Kim Kardashian is also involved in the field of business and has also shown her involvement in acting. Kim Kardashian collaborates with multiple brands. A few of these brands comprise JetSmarter, SKIMS, Balmain, and Lumee.

Ariana Grande (224m followers)

Ariana Grande is the most amazing singer and is very well-known on Instagram. She is also keen on acting. Her career began in 2008, and since then she has a dominant position across the world (Brown and Tiggemann. A photo is worth more than a thousand words: The impact of watching celebrity Instagram pictures with disclaimers and body-positive captions for women’s body images in 2020).

Ariana Grand

The character she played as Cat Valentine was liked by viewers. She has received more than 40 honors. She came out, talking about her mental wellbeing and helping people of all ages to talk about their feelings. She worked with and collaborated on behalf of Starbucks, Lipsy, and Givenchy.

Dwayne Johnson (221m followers)

Dwayne Johnson has become a well-known performer on Instagram. The actor’s Instagram account is filled with shootings of performances images of his gym during workouts, and posts on his children.

Dwayne Johnson

The Instagram followers love his workout posts and his shoots (Lee & Kim, 2020). In the time of the pandemic that he was fighting, he shared his cooking posts, which Instagram fans liked. He also collaborated on the campaign with Under Armour and Lindsey Vonn.

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Beyonce (167m Followers)

Beyonce is among the world’s most well-known American artists and performers. She is famous for her stunning beauty and Instagram users all over the globe love her Instagram post (Lee and Kim 2020).


One of her most well-known posts the announcement of her pregnancy was a huge hit on Instagram. Its Instagram account is filled with her performances, professional work, and personal posts. She has collaborated in collaboration with L’Oreal, PepsiCo, and Samsung.

Nicki Minaj (130m followers)

Nicki Minaj is a remarkable performer, actress as well as a rapper, on Instagram. The Instagram profile is filled with photos from her tours, various occasions, as well as her personal life as well as her handful of followers (Sashittal and Jassawalla in 2020).

Nicki Minaj

She has won more than 33 awards. she dominates the world of pop culture. She has collaborated on several projects with Fendi and LUXE brands.

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