How Much Does it Cost to Develop Any Mobile App in 2021?

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There are more than five million applications available on various operating systems. As the competition arises between businesses and different application categories, creating a mobile app or having your brand’s digital presence is essential in this century. This is why every organization is opting for digital co-operations in the present situation. If you as a business owner want to target iOS users, then you should Hire full-stack developers. They will know a better method to create an app for the client by including their requirements.

Every business owner when starting marketing their business online needs their personalized app to attract customers for using their services. An app helps in sending push notifications to the customers, and also offers promotional codes to offer discounts on the services. Investing in a mobile app helps in staying in touch with the customers.

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When you’re going to develop a mobile app for both Android and iOS, it will cost you a lot, somewhere around $100,000. Basic mobile app development for just one platform will cost you around $25,000 to $50,000. A basic app means an app that will consist of minimum viable products. It will have a basic UI with customized elements. The basic app is mainly preferred by startups.

The medium-class app for one platform will cost you about $50,000 to $100,000. It will consist of some complex features also with intermediary business logic. It will have 6 to 15 screens with some customized user interface elements and animation. In addition, it will have a localization of two languages. It is vital to consider the back-end development and app design costs when calculating the budget.

Developing a complex app for one platform will take 1100hrs to build. A complex app will consist of advanced business logic features. It will have more than 16 screens, will be equipped with a fully customized UI, and will also have a smooth advanced animation. With the multilingual scale base user, these complex apps will be used to build a complicated architecture or multiple integrations or will be used to meet high-security demands. Only mobile app development company new york will get you the desired functionalities in your app for your business.

If you’re hiring a developer on the basis of the basic plan, then the developers will be working 50hrs per month, and you will be charged $2750. If you are going to hire developers on the basis of an extended plan, then they will be working for 80hrs per month, and you will be charged $4400 per month. The final plan is the enterprise plan, where the developers will be working for 150hrs per month and will be creating a complex app. On the basis of the enterprise plan, you will be charged $8250 per month.

Factors influencing App Development Cost

  • Features-Functionality-User Interface: The app’s features and functionalities, the platforms you want to build for, the visual design customization, the complexity of backend infrastructure and administration, and lastly the maintenance costs are all significant elements influencing the development prices. Adding functionalities such as saving passwords, adding password recovery, or logging through social networks will increase the cost of the app. Features like push notifications, social sharing, or commenting and liking content via social media profiles will require extra charges.
  • In-app Purchases: This set of features pertains to the many methods by which customers can purchase items in the app. Credit cards, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and PayPal are all standard payment methods within apps. Every payment processing option will necessitate additional time and expense to establish.
  • Services based on Location: Building novel technologies such as geo-fencing or beacons are often time-consuming and expensive. You will also need to identify a development team with the necessary competence to provide you with such services, which may take some time. Finally, using any of the more advanced location-based services will raise the price of your app.

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Development Stages of a Powerful App

  • Get a Plan: The planning step entails conducting extensive market research, determining the scope of the app, and choosing the client’s goal with their mobile app. This stage can take anything from 8 hours to 200 hours, depending on the intricacy of the program you want to create.
  • Designing the App: The App design will make a big difference in the app acceptance for the user. The manageable, well-designed, and easy-to-navigate apps get accepted by most users. So before coding the app, hire from mobile app development company Sydney to frame out the app’s design through wireframing, visual design, and UX design. The average cost of the design is less than $5000. The rest of the price varies with the number of screens that develop the app. Since each screen has its design and, on average, there will be around 11–12 screens in an app, it will cost you accordingly.
  • The Development Stage: In the development process, you need to choose between Hybrid or Native apps as the cost of the app will be varied accordingly. Suppose you want to hire a mobile app developer for native apps. In that case, the developers need to create a specific operating system, including the working ability for Android, iOS, and others. If you need to target users through multiple operating systems, then Hybrid apps can be a great option as they will be based on a single codebase.
  • The complexities of the app: The complexities of the app might also affect the cost of the app. If you have an inadequate budget and need to market an app quickly, simple applications with main functions are a good alternative. On the other hand, advanced-level apps are a good choice if you want to grab the most significant parts of the market by delivering a highly sophisticated level of features.


Is It Hard To Create An App?

A class introduction to the mobile app development with Android can be a suitable course for starting quickly and having a little of a Java background. It is only 6 weeks long, with 3 to 5 hours of homework per week, and covers the basic skills required to become an Android developer.

How Do Free Apps Make Money?

If material is updated regularly, free Android apps and iOS apps can earn a profit. Users will be charged a monthly price for news, music, news, or articles. A typical strategy is to provide free apps with free and some expensive content so that the reader can hook up with the viewer and listener.


We hope this blog gives you an idea of how much it will cost you to develop a mobile app and what factors will affect the total price of the app development process. Discovering the cost of app development has never been an easy task for any startup or enterprise, as the online calculation can only provide you with a rough estimation of the basic functional features.

Android and iOS platforms have a high enactment rate. It is a clever strategy for businesses that want mobile developers to build an app for both platforms concurrently. Infrastructure is the most vital contributor to the app development cost. It is logical for companies to do their best to save on data storage, scalability, third-party API integration, and several other options available.

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