Lenovo Tab P11 Pro review: All-In-One But Not For All?

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It’s uncommon to see a top-notch Android tablet dispatch, as the area has to a great extent dropped – or, in any event, is basically possessed by Apple’s iPad range – however Lenovo is retaliating with the appearance of its Tab P11 Pro. 

This 11.5-inch tablet sits in the mid-to-upper segment of the market, conveying a brilliant OLED board, yet additionally the adaptability to add console and pointer pen accomplices to make for a more useful stage. 

Yet, with Android’s by and large restricted streamlining for Android tablets, can Lenovo’s Tab P11 Pro hit the appropriate notes as a tablet and that’s only the tip of the iceberg?

Design & Display

  • Show: 11.5-inch OLED board, 1600 x 2560 goal, Dolby Vision HDR 
  • Measurements: 264.3 x 171.4 x 6.9mm/Weight: 485g (tablet as it were) 
  • Discretionary console, back and pointer adornments 
  • Dolby Atmos, quad speakers, sound by JBL 
  • Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) and LTE choices 
  • Finger impression scanner in power button 
  • Shading: Slate Gray 
  • No 3.5mm jack 

How you see the Tab P11 Pro might rely upon how you wish to utilize it. Simply a record for watching Netflix and such like? No shows, this is a quality choice. As a PC elective? All things considered, you’ll need to put resources into the extra console adornment, adding a little to the cost, yet at the same time hitting a value point that is reasonable in and around the Chromebook region. 

An 11.5-inches as your primary screen guarantees an uprated view contrasted with, say, a cell phone; it’s likewise more modest than most 13.3-inch workstations and subsequently more versatile – though not exactly similar, given its Android programming center (it’s only not as inside and out as Windows, nor as application rich, while it’s not even as word handling adroit as a Chromebook elective). 

However, as screens go this 11.5-inch board is fair because of its OLED innovation. This implies every pixel self-enlightens – and it’s Full HD+, or “2K” on the off chance that you favor that term – so you don’t get any edge light or haloing around subjects. It’s simply profound blacks, rich pinnacle whites, and an entirely proficient shading range to fill in the holes as well. 

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Something More About Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

If you somehow happened to utilize this record as a possibility for in a hurry streaming then, at that point, it’s all around delegated for the errand. Accessible in either Wi-Fi just or Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE choices, the capacity in the last to include a SIM card implies you could live-stream while progressing.

That could be convenient for all use cases, in any event, for the children toward the rear of a vehicle on a long excursion (in the event that you’ve not been shrewd enough to pre-download for a disconnected survey). 

It’s a thin tablet, as well, at simply 6.9mm it’s really a crawl, more slender than numerous advanced leader cell phones. The form is inflexible on account of an aluminum edge, and all-around completed as well, here displayed in its “Record Gray” finish. 

The main peculiarity we find with the plan is the situating of the buttons. They’re to the upper left, which we’re certain left-gave society will track down an uncommon threat, however, we’ve quite recently seen as out and out odd.

Indeed, even the volume here and their buttons appear as though they’re turned around. What’s more, the force button – which has the finger impression scanner implanted inside for fast login (in spite of the fact that face open is the more astute choice) – is tucked around the bend in a place that we see as surprisingly abnormal. 

On the back, the Tab P11 Pro brags a “Dolby Vision Atmos” logo (they’ve begun consolidating the Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos terms then, at that point, eh? and “sound by JBL”. At first, we disregarded these images, yet Lenovo’s tablet is strong with regard to sound – the quad speakers are uproarious and clear.

Projecting sound away in guaranteed style. Enough to pester anybody openly we’re certain, yet additionally spot on for, suppose, a touch of lodging box-set gorging while on staycation.

Performance & Battery

  • Double selfie cameras: 8MP wide-point, 8MP biometrics 
  • Double back cameras: 13MP wide-point, 5MP super wide 
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor, 6GB RAM 
  • 8600mAh battery, 20W quick charging 

Now you’ll understand we’ve been tending to straightforward errands: perusing, watching Netflix, and so forth. An Android tablet is very acceptable at that, as it doesn’t actually have to do much else. The issue is, with regards to efficiency, the bigger size of a tablet screen actually isn’t very much taken care of by Google’s product. Indeed, even picture and scene auto-pivot screws with the format. 

This isn’t altogether Lenovo’s shortcoming: Google actually needs to put the work in to get Android up to tablet/PC substitution levels. Since it’s only not there at this moment. 

As a slight workaround, any semblance of Productivity Mode goes for an additional Windows-like format, complete with a taskbar introducing open applications. Yet with the console, adornment connected there’s simply not getting the right sort of commitment about it. Generally in light of the fact that the little trackpad has an odd ‘drift’ sensation. About it that is more enthusiastically to control than the standard, and the ‘board itself has an empty inclination that is not particularly incredible to type on. 

However, there’s a positive twist to take a gander at: the backplate – which comes included with the console and clasps over the back of the tablet – has an incredible multi-customizable stand that succeeds in PC a-like change rather well.

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However, it very well may be somewhat more unbending. Also, in case you’re composing with the console level on a strong surface, like a work area. It’s not all that terrible – albeit that “empty” sensation is difficult to shake, which means it simply doesn’t exactly hold up as that sort of gadget for us. 

As far as ability the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G stage on board is the mid-to-high level processor in the chip creators reach, so assuming you think about the P11 Pro like a monster telephone, it conveys emphatically. You can play Android games with no issues. The route is quick. The network is, once more, similar to a cell phone. 

That chipset additionally plays quite pleasantly with the 8600mAh battery ready. Remember that a leader telephone normally has a 4,500mAh battery, the extra very nearly 50% on offer here is adequate to invalidate that additional screen land’s brightening. 

Life span is marginally unique for a tablet for the basic reality you’re bound to be occupied with longer times of screen time that with now and again utilize like with a telephone. Yet we’ve been getting around 12 hours of gushing before the Tab P11 Pro’s battery is in danger of punching out. That is very acceptable.


What we think about the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is two overlays: as a more modest screen tablet, we love the OLED show and believe it’s a super choice for streaming. As a PC elective, nonetheless, we simply don’t think Android is capable as of now, while the console and pointer extras can’t supplant the sensation of an appropriate PC. 

So it’s each instance of what you’re searching for: the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro gets approval as a straightforward record with some showcase fancy odds and ends, yet disapproval as a PC substitution.

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