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We are in that time of the world where almost each one of us aspires to save time and do as much as possible in a shorter time. So, to catch up today’s fast paced world it becomes necessary to learn more about best react native android development. Electronic gadgets have become a quintessential part of our lives, because they permit us to hold abreast of modern day information.

Moreover, it helps us to keep touch with our loved ones and colleagues. The developers are continuously striving to make this more easier and user-friendly. They are extending to us an extensive variety of applications that help us to learn something new.

Personal Assistant apps developed by these developers are available for doing all the small tasks that would be a burden to us, in case we don’t use them. They can schedule tasks with a single click, they can remind us of those tasks which we generally fail to remember, just say “Hey Google, make a phone call”, and abracadabra the call is made, its okay of you are a night owl and you have problems to wake up the next morning, your personal assistant app can also set an alarm for yourself, it can also play your favorite music, and also make you laugh with the jokes.

Here is the list of some amazing personal assistant AI apps for android users:

Google Assistant

One of the best personal assistant applications for android devices. It has everything that one needs. It also incorporates some smart home hacks like controlling the Philips Hue Lights. Not only is the interface of this app strong but it is also updated with the latest and a wide range of features. One can install this app from the Google Play Store. 

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is the best choice of a personal assistant app which aids you manage Amazon Fire and Amazon Echo from Android itself. It can do web searches, integrates with the smart home stuff, and guess what it can also finish your hunger by ordering you a pizza! The only drawback it has is the device restrictions it has. Nonetheless, it is right up there with Google Assistant. This app is also available on the Google Play Store for free.It helps us learn more about best react native android development.

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Lyra Virtual Assistant

Lyra is the best alternative to Google Assistant. It is a cloud based AI personal Assistant that was developed in 2013. It is made in such a way that it also gives you her personal opinions. Starting from finding directions to the gas station near you to finding you the English subtitles of your favorite Japanese Anime Show, Lyra does it all! It also provides social media support. You can go for it if you want to try something different from Google Assistant. You can easily download the Lyra Virtual Assistant from the Google Play Store for free.

DataBot Assistant

DataBot has been very much above average the in-store personal assistant app. Like Lyra, it is also a cross-platform support. This ide is incorporated with its own voice pack and is always ready to answer any question asked by you. Don’t worry! Its also keeps you updated by giving you the overview of the latest world news.

Ranging from information about fictional characters to historical personalities, this personal consultant provides you with all the information. Make it your personal secretary, and send messages, set alarms, as riddles and much more. Google Play Store helps you to download it for free. 


This is a useful widget application that is equipped with its own live support, based on Android. As of now, this virtual aide is available only in English. Just like other personal assistant apps, it facilitates you to do the daily work. In addition to this, it also keeps you up to date with the everyday happenings of the world. Jarvis can respond to text messages, or receive/make calls upon a user’s command. This AI-powered personal assistant can independently adjust the connection to the internet and play music via bluetooth. You can find Jarvis on Google Play Store.

Robin AI Assistant

This is yet another decent alternative to Google Assistant. Its is majorly used for finding and playing music, but it also offers other features. Robin can fetch and create an audio playlist. It is still happening and getting developed in the Beta Phase and even supports gestures. In addition to this, it also supports Meta, i.e., Facebook for reading and sharing feeds. We can install it from the Google Play Store. 

Extreme Personal Voice Assistant

This personal assistant can do the basic stuff like doing web searches, playing songs, guide you with directions. It also protects your privacy. All of your conversations with Extreme that take place on your phone automatically if you uninstall the app from your phone. The only drawback is that some commands require some manual input. Not to worry! Because our developers are working on it. 

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Bixby is the personal assistant available only for Samsung Galaxy Users. Currently, it is trending on social media. Bixby Voice is used to wake the personal assistant, Bixby Vision can recognize and identify real time objects. The touch interface is provided by Bixby Touch. The best feature of all is Bixby Home that facilitates the interface for smart homes and provides a list of information. It is available in 195 countries with over 10 languages. 

Friday: Smart Personal Assistant

Friday is a command-oriented personal assistant. It can help us make web searches, and also get updates about yesterday’s NBA match, and much more. As of now, the app recognizes more than 10 languages. You just have to download it, set your name, make it your default search engine and get started with your search. 

So, these are the best personal assistant apps that help us to learn more about best react native android development. Most of them are free to use and you don’t have to pay for anything except for the in-app purchases that the apps have in them. Learn more about Best react native android development

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