6 Necessary Tips for You to Choose the Best Online GATE Coaching FOR GATE 2022!

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The past two years have been challenging for all of us due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything got affected due to the lockdown, and especially the education system saw a complete change in the pattern of teaching in these coronavirus times.

All these years of the traditional way of teaching were changed when this online class’s pattern. This teaching mode gradually got accepted by all such that even online GATE coaching also came into existence. GATE is considered a very tough exam, and maybe that’s the reason no one ever before thought of getting trained online for the GATE exam. 

However, the main point of concern is to find the appropriate online GATE coaching due to the increasing number of options available to the candidates. When you have a massive platter of online GATE coaching options available, I am sure how difficult it must be to choose one from amongst all these. 

Therefore, this article is produced to help you decide on some specific grounds the best online GATE coaching classes for you. This article covers six essential tips that are a must while choosing the best platform for online GATE coaching. 

Online GATE Coaching

6 Necessary Tips to Choose the Best Online GATE Coaching:

Quality Of Faculty:

The essential thing to look for while choosing the best online GATE coaching is the experience of the faculty teaching there. You must go through the website to check for the qualification of the teachers who are teaching there and their years of experience in education. A good faculty is highly responsible for the success of any coaching institute. Also, the best of teachers bring out the best in you, that’s for sure. 

Before you decide, finally, check for some demo videos of the teachers teaching and attend some demo classes. It’s easy for you to decide then. Some online GATE coaching classes hire freshers as educators, which is a good thing but make sure that there are experts also included in some teaching sessions because experienced faculty know the pattern of the exam and the type of questions asked.

So a combination of new and old faculty will help you more. If you feel the nature of the overall lecture is good, then surely go for it. If you don’t find the teaching impressive, no matter the quality of ads or content the online platform produces, they are useless. 

Check The Success Rate Of The Online GATE Coaching Class:

When choosing the best online GATE coaching, look for the three main factors: the success rate, the number of subscribers, and the quality of teaching staff. Take a look at the number of students who have opted for this coaching class, check out for the students who secured good AIR after getting trained from this coaching class, and check out the number of years this online GATE coaching is carrying out this teaching process. Check for the legacy. 

Also, look for the reviews, feedback, and genuine opinions of the students who have passed from here, talk to them and learn about the faculty experience for particular subjects. Keep all this in mind before you finally decide to opt for the best online GATE coaching. 

Check The Preparation Method Of GATE:

When you are looking for the best online GATE coaching platform, please go through all the topics they will cover and tally them with the syllabus available on the official GATE website. See that they cover all the essential issues and not any unnecessary fancy ones because that will only delay your preparation and waste your time.

See that the videos posted for lectures and sessions are short and not quite lengthy because that may turn boring. You must go for videos that will keep you engaged and involved. Don’t decide on any class just by looking at their fancy ads and content. 

Also, keep in mind to not join any class at the end time because the course is lengthy and you won’t finish the syllabus on time. Keep in mind to start the GATE exam preparation 6-8 months before the final date of the examination. 

Choose Your Study Material Wisely:

Many study and course references are available on the internet right now. So it is challenging to decide to go for online GATE coaching. There are so many offers these days and discounts too.

But always check that buying affordable or discounted study references does not mean you are compromising the quality of the study material. These days study materials are also available on EMI options, so it has become easy for students who have money crunches to access these valuable resources. 

Study Resources Provided By The Online GATE Coaching:

Another crucial thing when you decide on the best online GATE coaching classes is that you look for the study resources. Being an online platform video format will be the foremost study resource. Still, you need to check that they also provide you with pdfs of the notes, doubt sessions to clear all doubts, provide you with previous year question papers, and give you proper counseling that will help boost your preparation level. You must also see that they provide you with last year’s question papers and conduct mock test series so that you can solve more questions that enhance your speed and help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. 

Good Connection For Better Accessibility:

When we talk about online GATE coaching, the first thing that needs to be considered is the accessibility of the online site. If the interface is good, if the internet connection is good, if the pages are downloading quickly, if the videos are playing with interruption, if the app’s star rating is good, etc. 

All these things are essential. Because you won’t opt for an app that is poor in all the qualities mentioned above, also, check if the video lectures are updated adequately since it’s an essential thing for those who have a poor internet connection and are entirely dependent on recorded videos than live videos. 


These are the six necessary considerations that are must while choosing the online GATE coaching platform. Firstly figure out the course details and then see whether the online platform you are willing to select covers all those topics, check the reviews and feedback, resources, and all thoroughly, and then decide finally. 

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