What Is Augmented Reality? Know The Best Real Usages Of AR

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In the last few years, technology has evolved at super speed. It brought us so many new gadgets and made our life more straightforward than before. Staying inside the home nowadays people can enjoy the experience of playing at the field. Although it may sound a bit impossible, after the introduction of Virtual Reality, even that impossible has become possible. 

Unlike Virtual Reality, one new technology has evolved, namely, Augmented Reality. To offer the audience a more enhanced view, there is no exception to Augmented Reality. A combination of both audio and visual sensors offers high-quality video presentations. 

This technology easily fits in with our smartphones. Moreover, after the introduction of AR-powered mobiles, the business growth of the mobile business has increased to a great extent. As a result, mobile technology and computer manufacturing companies are witnessing tremendous growth. Therefore, technology simplifies the life of a person and offers rapid growth even in the business sector. 

What is Augmented Reality (AR)? 

A technology that offers the supreme view of the world that we witness in bare eyes every day, but in a completely new upgraded form with quality visuals and High Definition audio is known as Augmented Reality (AR). Nowadays, almost all different companies and IT organizations are using this technology to enhance their customer’s experience. Even lots of software development companies are using this technology. 

The entire world is now booming with data. But the process does not end at the collection of data. Instead, the quality should be ensured, and analysis is also required. Augmented Reality even helps in the analysis of collected data. Actually, that analyzed data is used to represent in the form of big data. Such giant data finally helps to take proper decisions and makes an organization understand the purchasing habit of consumers. 

Most traders like retailers use this technology to market their products and special services. In exchange, a company is also able to collect data from consumers that are helpful. Although both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality may sound similar, both of them are different from each other. 

Difference between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) 

Both of these technologies share visible differences in. To clearly understand the usage, you must know these differences. These are, 

Point of comparison Augmented Reality (AR)Virtual Reality (VR)
Technical upgradation Augmented reality offers the real world as it is but in an enhanced version. Whereas, through VR, a person enters into a completely imaginary world. 
Reality While the technology is all about Reality, AR offers the view of the exact real-world at its enhanced version. On the contrary, VR has no relation with Reality. Instead, it offers the view of an entirely imaginary world in its real format. 
The necessity of special gadget To use Augmented Reality, there is no necessity for any special gadget like glass or anything. Instead, through a smartphone, one can easily experience this technology. If a user wants to experience VR, then he must put on special glasses to enter into the world of VR.  

While comparing the price, both of them are pretty expensive. However, AR is not as expensive as VR. In most cases, AR is an inbuilt technology within some smart gadgets. Those gadgets are pretty costly. However, if you are looking for a fund, then take out for online loans for bad credit from the direct lenders of Ireland. 

6 Best Real Usages Of Augmented Reality (AR) 

Healthcare gadgets 

With the advancement of technology, the health sector has also evolved to a great extent. Gadgets that have been in use for a long time have become smarter than before. As a result, diagnosing diseases become much more accessible. After the introduction of AR, the visuals of inner body parts and various examinations turned simple. 

AR applications are advancing marketing 

As mentioned earlier, retailers are also using this technology of AR for marketing purposes. To offer a better 3D view, a product manufacturing company uses AR-powered applications for its consumers. When buyers install those applications on their smartphones, they can easily access a better view of products. 

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AR assists in repairing equipment 

Have you ever imagined that technology will simplify the process of repairing high mechanism equipment? To repair the engine of the car, MRI machine, Air Conditioning motor, etc. a mechanic used to devote a long time to understand the root of the problem. But after the introduction of Augmented Reality, the technology simplifies the entire task of repairing machines.  

For designing a model 

Be it the design of the interior of a house or any blueprint of a building. AR offers the best way of designing in both cases. After designing manually, the designer can quickly provide the real vibe of the building or interior by connecting with a headset. When one steps into the building by seeing the 3D model of the house, he can feel exactly walking through the building. 

Usage of AR in 4DX movie theatre 

Now, 3D has become obsolete. Rather 4DX and even 5D are ruling the movie theatre. Among them, perhaps the usage of AR in 4DX has surpassed all. The technology has been built in such a way so that you can get the exact feel of the ups and downs of the movie. 

Extraordinary usage of AR in the tourism industry 

Can you imagine standing at the gulf of the Mediterranean now? Well, if you love to explore the world, then you may surely love this feeling. AR will represent your nature as it is. The tourism industry has utilized this facility to a great extent. By enabling AR within the website, a tourism company now offers a traveler the exact feel of his favorite destination. 

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These are some best astonishing usage of Augmented Reality in real life. If you want to experience it, then purchase an AR-powered gadget today. 


Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology like Virtual Reality which offers the real audio-visual experience. 

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