Why People Buy eBook Readers Instead of Tablets or Printed Books?

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Avid readers often face the tough decision between eBook readers, tablets, and printed books. A dedicated device to read books doesn’t make much sense when we have the features of tablets. Similarly, the traditionalist still doesn’t want to start a new book without the smell of paper. 

However, the benefits of eBook readers outweigh most of these arguments. It is indeed a practical solution for the readers to keep in the backpack. Here, we will explore the different reasons to buy an eBook reader instead of tablets or printed books to help you decide. 

eBook Readers Over Printed Books

Printed books will remain in our library as part of the collection. No technology can replace the feel of opening a new title. However, the following reasons may suggest an eBook reader is a smart decision in the long run.

Easy Accessibility

You need to carry the books everywhere in the backpack to read them. It will take days to get the books delivered if you order them through online platforms. On the contrary, eBooks are easily accessible anytime and anywhere. 

You can download multiple files at once to access them later. Students can use the device to download study material to use them in their comfort. Moreover, you will have instant access to books after the download.

Many Books in One device

The weight of books can break your back if you are among the heavy readers. You cannot carry the entire library in your backpack if you are among the frequent travelers. However, the eBook readers are an entire library within a few grams.

You can download hundreds and thousands of books in your eBook reader for offline access. Though, there is a certain storage limit available in the eBook readers, unlike your physical library. The deleted titles will remain available to download in the future.

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Read in Dark

We cannot read books in the dark, and the light isn’t available everywhere. Flights are the prime example of the unavailability of lights to read books. Similarly, you cannot take your favorite books to read in nature during the night.

The screen light from eBook readers allows the users to read even in the darkest of the environment. Even the direct sunlight will not hinder your reading from enjoying your favorite activity outside during a warm day. However, you should keep in mind the effect on your eyes while reading in the dark. 

Environmentally Friendly

The environment has become a serious concern for the human population after the mindless deforestation. It is the responsibility of everyone to help save the environment with every possible effort. And the readers are already aware of the number of trees cut to produce paper.

eBook readers will not require the cutting of trees to publish books. You will contribute to saving the environment by reducing paper consumption. Though, some might argue against the plastic body of the device as one of the major reasons for the environmental crisis.

Reasons to Buy eBook Instead of Tablets

People often consider the endless apps available on a tablet as the significant reason to avoid eBook readers. The multiple uses of tablets will give better value for every penny spends. However, you should consider the following reason to buy an eBook reader even if it requires a cash loan in 1 hour in Ireland.

Focused Reading

The constant notifications on the tablets can distract you from reading. You may end up surfing the news feed of your Facebook account, leaving the book before your goal. Thus, it makes more sense to buy a device without the unwanted distractions to spend hours reading.

eBook readers will not have multiple applications to divert your focus from reading. It will help get rid of the social media addiction to use the time for self-improvement. Moreover, you will not have the constant temptation to play one more game to procrastinate reading.

Cheaper than Tablets

Tablets are expensive if you are looking at the top-end models from Apple or Samsung. Even a quality tablet will have an expensive price tag compared to the premium eBook readers such as Kindle. Therefore, you should consider eBook readers to save money if you want the bigger screen device to read.

You will have many features such as Goodreads suggestions and a waterproof body. The in-device book store will provide thousands of titles with multiple payment options. Moreover, you will find special deals on eBooks to save money in the long run.


Manufacturers market tablets as portable computers to avoid carrying heavy laptops. It should not come as a surprise, but tablets are not ideal if you want a portable device to continue reading. eBook readers come with a small, slim, and lightweight design to improve portability.

Tablets also come in various sizes to suit the requirement of users. But the weight will remain heavy to make the prolonged use while holding them an uncomfortable experience. Therefore, eBook readers are your best bet if you are looking for a portable solution to carry your library within a budget.

Easy-On Eyes

The blue rays from the digital screen of your tablet are harmful to your eyes. You may experience tired eyes after a few hours of use in your bed. The eBook reader screen will not cause the same amount of harm to your eyes.

You can spend hours reading on the eBook readers with the technology such as e-ink display. They mimic the printed books with an effect similar to ink on pages. Thus, your eyes will remain safe in the absence of much less strain than LCD screens.

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To sum up, you should stick to your preferences and requirements to find the ideal option for reading. eBook reader is a cost- and environmentally-friendly alternative to help avid readers gain instant access to an enormous library. Though, you should consider the other options to avoid impulse buying.  

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