6 Best Network Monitoring Softwares

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The main work of this software is to manage the traffic flow over the network. It monitors the operations over a network and provides IP addresses and active devices on a network.

Why is it Used?

Checks for network traffic and bandwidth usage. It can check components such as switches, routers, and servers are up or down. Ever had your network show you the DNS Error 80710102? This software also provides information such as which network devices are being overused.

Below Listed Are 6 Best Network Monitoring Software

1. Microsoft Azure Monitor

This tool gives us a comprehensive solution to the problem. It is a tool or software where you can check the performance of your application; not only that, one can also maximize its availability.  We can find answers to the resources that affect the application with this tool.

Few services Microsoft Azure provides are:

  • Insights
  • Visualize
  • Analyze
  • Respond
  • Integrate

For example, let’s consider INSIGHTS, application insights check whether there are any issues with the respective app. Another example, With the use of ANALYZE, we can diagnose and troubleshoot.

2. OpManager

This tool immediately sends push notifications to the user in mobile applications and immediately says it requires a specific action. As the word says, the manager views the entire network infrastructure. It monitors network devices such as switches, routers, etc. Monitors problems such as packet loss, errors, latency speed, etc. If there is any fault in the equipment, the OpManager sends a text message to the respective user. 

It is the only software/tool to provide a transparent device-based model.

Nowadays, most network monitoring tools lag behind this integrated mobile application. But OpManager has these and his monitoring software can monitor the complete IT infrastructure.

3. Freshping

It is monitoring software. It provides an unusual thing that any other software can provide. It monitors the first 50 URLs / minute which are referred to as checks. Checks and monitors frequently through 1-5 minute intervals. And also, this software can monitor via different global locations. Monitors uptime and downtime outages and performance of websites. It is primarily suitable for bloggers and startup ones. 

4. Solarwind Network Performance Monitor

Solar winds NPM is outsourced and free. It quickly analysis and resolves various networking problems and gives instant solutions. Compared to OpManager, this service lags, but it’s still effective enough to provide its services.

5. Whatsup Gold

It is one of the networking software mainly used. It monitors from the very minute pieces of stuff to the cloud. It manages network traffic very keenly checks frequently and rescues problems. It provides an interactive network map, therefore, puts everything into context. This software doesn’t have a free version but provides a free trial.

This software provides excellent visibility to the status and performance of the application. It is easy to use, and it is user-friendly software. The new version of WhatsUp gold lets you monitor a broad range of network devices, and one can add or remove devices. Add on modules of WhatsUp gold provides a lot more benefits.

For example, let’s take bandwidth; this software monitors the overall usability of bandwidth and which device uses more bandwidth. It also has virtualization monitoring to monitor a tiny virtual environment and this is something any other software can’t promise.

 6. Cacti

It is a particular type of network monitoring software. This software is an end to fraudulent and false data collection. Designed in a way to harness the RRD tools, monitoring the performance and usage of traffic. It is open-source software; it is intended to be a front-end application. It is written in languages such as PHP and MySQL.

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